Floorball road to the WFC in Prague

This post summarizes all articles as a preparation for the World Floorball Champiosnhips in Prague. The event will take place in early December 2018 and I am humbled to be publishing data analysis articles.


I created this post to better understand the fundamentals and process that led me to the form and content published.

I shifted my focus from shot-based approach to possession-based one and through few research articles I try to explain the reasons why.

Research articles:

29. 8. 2018:
Slow attacks generate most goals but they are not the strongest weapon of winners
The articles summarizes shot-based approach findings where I evaluated different types of offensive plays.

16. 10. 2018:
Does winning matter to you? So does for data analysts.
The article reveals what actions, events and plays correlates with winning based on data tracked.

6. 11. 2018:
WFC games data tracking with possession-based approach!
The article aims to guide and help public to better understand the approach taken for analyzing WFC games and the tournament itself.

20. 11. 2018:
Analysis: Introducing PDO chart
The article looks at historic data (2010 – 2016) from the World Floorball Championships and compares Top 4 floorball nations.

Game analysis articles:

1. 9. 2018:
Data Analysis: Finland in pure control over Czechs
Data Analysis of the EFT men game (CZE vs FIN 0-4).

2. 9. 2018:
Second period not enough for Finland
Data Analysis of the EFT men game (SUI vs FIN 6-4).

2. 9. 2018:
Czechs played quick and it paid off
Data Analysis of the EFT men game (CZE vs SUI 5-4).

7. 9. 2018:
Overview of the EFT in Pardubice
The article summarizes EFT games and evaluates performance of CZE, SUI and FIN teams as well as their players.

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