WFC 2018 Data Analysis Summary

In this post data analysis of the WFC 2018 games are summarized as well as important definitions of variables tracked.


Slow attack (SA) = Slow or organized attack in which one team advances slowly forward
Quick attack (QA) = Attack in which ball is quickly transitioned from defensive to offensive half  (odd man rushes do not fall in this category)
Odd man rush (OR) = Quick or counter attack in which offence outnumbers defence
Turnover (TO) = Every attack that starts with a steal on offensive half of the pitch

Clear path (CP) = Situation in which offensive player finds himself in the best scoring area (see picture below) with a clear path to the net (this player does not have to have a ball if a real chance of receiving it exists)
Cross field pass (CF) = Situation in which there is a lane for cross pass in neutral or offensive zone












  WFC 2018 Games Data Analysis

1.12.2018 Switzerland vs Latvia 7-3
1.12.2018 Finland vs Sweden 4-5
1.12.2018 Germany vs Czechia 5-10

2.12.2018 Switzerland vs Germany 13-1
2.12.2018 Latvia vs Czechia 4-3

3.12.2018 Finland vs Denmark 7-1
3.12.2018 Sweden vs Norway 9-1

4.12.2018 Norway vs Finland 1-9
4.12.2018 Sweden vs Denmark 25-0
4.12.2018 Czechia vs Switzerland 6-4

6.12.2018 Czechia vs Denmark 10-1 (Quaterfinal)

8.12.2018 Czechia vs Finland 2-7 (Semifinal)
8.12.2018 Sweden vs Switzerland 5:4 ps. (Semifinal)

9.12.2018 Czechia vs Switzerland 2-4 (3rd place match)
9.12.2018 Finland vs Sweden 6-3 (Final)

WFC 2018 Summary Data Analysis

Group Stage Summary
WFC Data Summary
Czech Team Data Summary


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