This website lacks switch button to english. Here it is to summarize what is it about.

My vision is to support better understanding of ice hockey and floorball. I am studying the game in order to bring new findings in sports. I want to support a decision making process of coaches, players, managers of clubs and federations.

I work with data and sport is my big passion. I use statistical modelling tools to analyze data from games. I strive to build a good communication tunnel towards customers to make my contribution as effective as possible. Hopefully with a little help of some online translator you can read more about me in „About“ chapter and about my projects in „Reference“ one. Also I share articles both in czech and english languades in the „Blog“ chapter.

Finally below is a summary of what services I can provide:

  • Data collection
    • I use tools and experience to make this efficient and online (if needed)
  • Game analysis
    • From each game specific data outputs (graphs, tables, reports or other visualizations) are provided and delivered as soon as data collection is finished (and verified)
  • Team and player analysis
    • The most important for clubs is to track progress of team and player performances based on agreed criteria
    • These criteria should meet expectations of both the club and analyst (in terms of using already researched findings)
  • Sport research
    • I value research highly and am always happy to contribute or lead projects that strive for new findings as well as using other findings from already published research projects

My services are described with some examples under „Portfolio“ chapter which is written in czech language.

Feel free to reach out if you are curious to know more or want to consult/discuss topics related to ice hockey/floorball analytics or about the game in general.


Petr Malina

icon_CELL.png  +420 779 970 369
icon_FACEBOOK.png malinasportdata
icon_TWITTER.png @xpmalina